Alternative Business Solutions: Bringing Unconventional Financing Methods into the Mainstream:

Starting and sustaining a business has never been easy but in today’s struggling market it’s becoming more difficult than ever before. According to the Small Business Administration, the number of businesses that failed in the small-middle size sector (SME) in 2007 totaled a staggering 100 thousand! That number is expected to increase by nearly six percent by the end of the current year.
Reasons for failure include changing economic conditions, poor market selection and failure to use (or modify) a tactical business plan. Even if an aspiring entrepreneur is able to find a niche there is always one universal impediment that haunts: inadequate capital.
Right before our very eyes, we are watching banks and other traditional lending institutions crumble. Once the picture of stability and security, many banks are now desperately in need of help. As it now stands, banks are earning a reputation as unreliable, which in turn has limited options for new businesses and threatened the future success of older businesses that have depended on bank resources for so long. On an average, 95% of all business loans summated to traditional banks are declined for various reasons.
Fortunately, there is hope. Ashton Capital Group, LLC, an innovative new company with the goal of bringing under-utilized financing options into the mainstream, is available to educate business owners about the tried and true alternative financing solutions that will help almost any business weather the impending economic storm. A bank has only one financing option; Ashton Capital Group, LLC has many other alternatives source of funding. (


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